Business development

From the business strategy, through the planning, modernization, digitization, innovation, business organization and product marketing - we are here to design and re-design your business model for it's success.

banking and finance

Organizing the company's or your individual and family financials, aiming optimizing the cash-flow, as well as good structuring of the external funding - we are here to help to stabilize your financial health and to promote it to the banking institutions.

Bad debt management and possibilities for it's external funding - we can design the strategies to overcome the heavy times.

public private partnership

Everything that you need to know for the Public Private Partnership - from the idea, and opportunities, through the business effect evaluation, reaching the contracting phase, funding, management and control - we are at your side for your success.

real estate management

Private brokerage in finding the best solutions, suitable for you. Maximizing the value of normal and distressed assets, while developing and implementing of a individual strategy - we are offering you a simple, competent and complete approach.